Africa Trade

Why Trade in Africa?

Africa isn't normally a place that people equate with great opportunity but there are increasing prospects. The economies of Africa's developing countries are growing at record levels and currently account for around 11% of world trade. The important thing for business is that many parts of Africa are more stabilized than in the past and infrastructure is improving in leaps and bounds. It is for these reasons that Concretewise supports the African drive and offers Africans opportunities in business.

There are also Distributor Opportunities in Africa, available for the right person. The first thing we look at in a Distributor is someone with a little experience in the decorative cement flooring market. Although this isn't a definitive requirement, it helps. A Distributor can come out of a white collar industry and step right, into a Distributor role, without a problem.

Obviously our main goal is to increase sales, through offering a real business opportunity. Unlike some other companies, our distributors are real distributors, offering training, technical support and business development, not just contractors that purchased a big order and got a discount. Distributors are the backbone of a business trading nationally and internationally, and therefore receive our full support and loyalty.