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Concretewise does not offer a business opportunity through the post, nor on a video, but rather a real business opportunity that requires training. We do not offer gimmicks nor get rich quick schemes, but a complete, professional business opportunity that includes professional hands on training, plus free refresher training courses, 24/7 technical support, business development, high quality products and honest advice.

We assist our Flooring Contractors extensively on our product features, applications techniques, technical data, marketing support, and business issues in general, to ensure our Contractors education and business development. Training and ongoing support is part of our day-to-day operations. Our Customer service and technical support includes detailed hands-on training seminars and 24 hour a day telephone support.

With no joining fee, no royalties, no advertising fees, no compulsory buy-in packages, you keep all your profits, these are jut some of the ways we help you become successful. Although training is not compulsory, and you may already be in the Decorative Concrete Business, we strongly recommend that you still attend a training seminar, where you will  learn new techniques, and also advanced application of Concretewise products. Should you already know the products and applications and just want to add our products to your range, please give us a call to discuss how we can best cater for your special requirements

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2-Day Getting Started made Easy Flooring Package

This is a new option, where having learnt over the years what tools and stock most contractors ordered, to get started. We summarized these, included the 2-Day Training Course, put it into a package, and discounted the price. This option is the most popular as it is based on the most popular Contractor choices.

Training Course Date : 2019

January         25th - 26th

March            29th - 30th

May              10th - 11th

July              26th - 27th

September    27th - 28th

October        25th - 26th

December     13th - 14th

5-Day Professional Decorative Concrete Flooring Package

This opportunity offer you a complete business that includes:

- A 5-Day advanced training seminar providing you with the technical skill to succeed as a business owner. A total business that gives you fully customized and branded trailer, tools and equipment, together with the initial products to start doing business that day after training in complete. Including:

- Marketing materials, as well as business programs to jump start your business. No franchise fees or any hidden costs.

- Business support systems which include easy to use quotations, estimation and profit calculations software. This gives your the options to be highly competitive and at the same time maintain your profitability.

-You will also receive first option on leads from your area. This to will show you a return on your investment.

Training Dates :

The 5-Day Professional Decorative Concrete Flooring Courses, are held on request. Please contact us should you require further information.

2- Day Decorative Concrete Flooring

This in intended for people with little or no experience in the decorative flooring industry, that are interested in getting started in this highly profitable business.

Training Course Dates: 2019

January         25th - 26th

March            29th - 30th

May              10th - 11th

July              26th - 27th

September    27th - 28th

October        25th - 26th

December     13th - 14th

2-Day Custom Concrete Countertop Manufacturing Training

Custom Concrete Countertops are now being requested by Homeowners and Designers, to be placed in homes, restaurants, offices, retail stores and pubs. In a range of colours and designs, using selected decorative stones and casting memorabilia into the countertops, we can create a personalized piece of art to beautify your home, restaurant or workplace.

Training Course Dates : 2019

January  18th & 19th        

July        12th & 13th  

October   04th & 05th  

2-Day Handcrafted Concrete Tombstones Manufacturing Course

There is a demand for alternative memorial stones in was decided to manufacture these products and promote them through creating self-employed independent agents, thus creating opportunities, and allowing others to increase their income, either after hours or full time, to meet financial demands and improve their and their family's life.

On the 2-Day Training Course were you will learn how to make moulds, be trained in the mixing and pouring of our specially blended Polymer Modified Tomb-Crete Mix, given ideas in Decorative Stone selection, choosing colours, lettering, sealing and final installation.

As an added bonus we also cover marketing, costing and how to start and run a successful business.

With free re-training, passing you leads and without charging Royalties & Advertising Fees, nor compulsory Buy-In Packages and you keep all your profits, are just a few of the ways that we try to help you remain profitable. You can rest assured that our Training Course are completely "No Obligation" so you can feel fee to make a "non-pressure" about whether these products are right for you and your future business.

Training Dates 2019

March        15th & 16th 

September 06th & 07th

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