Distribution Specialists

What does Concretewise look for in an authorized distributor?

  • The most successful distributors are somewhat knowledgeable with the products and systems.

  • Most have experience in both project management and or sales and marketing.

  • Distributors need a good understanding of shipping practices, inventory of materials, material handling and staff.

  • As with any business venture, there is always an initial investment required. The amount needed to invest is not fixed as it is subject to the size of the market and planned scale of the operation.

List below are some of our requirements and benefits of becoming an authorized Concretwise Distributor

  • Maintain a+/- 120 to 140 sq/m warehouse with a storeroom and an office included to do business and hold monthly trainings.

  • Hold 2-day training seminars monthly to continue to build your customer base. We will greatly assist you in marketing and advertising to obtain attendees.

  • Because you will charge the people that attend your classes you will find that the training fee should cover most of your training expenses as well as offset most of your overheads (warehouse lease, telephone etc.)

  • Depending on the range that you will be carrying you would need to attend our training seminars applicable to those products, which could include the 2-day Decorative Concrete Flooring and Protective Coatings Course, as well as the 2-day Custom Concrete Countertop and 2-day Handcrafted Concrete Tombstone courses, in Johannesburg, to learn how training seminars should be held.

  • Maintain a determined amount of product for local installers to pick up and for further establishment of local contractors and customer exhibit at local trade shows to market the product and the business opportunities, to fill your training classes, and build your client base.

  • We will assist you continuously with marketing advice to continue to grow your business.

  • We advertise and market internationally, specifically to get people interested in the business.

  • 100% of leads generated from specific areas will be passed onto the authorised distributor, to whom that area has been allocated.

  • We will exhibit at a number of national and international trade shows. Again these leads are given to specific distributors

  • Concretewise products must be the exclusive line of decorative concrete products stocked.

  • Obviously our main aim is to increase sales through offering a real business opportunity. Unlike some companies our distributors are real distributors offering training, technical support and business development, not just contractors that purchase a big order and get discount. Distributors are the backbone of the business, trading nationally and internationally and therefore receive our full support and loyalty.

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