Tool Hire - For Concrete Floors and Countertops

Concretewise to the rescue with the correct tools for the job!

This has been a problem for new contractors and once-off DIY clients. Using the correct tools for the job makes it easier and also gives you a better finish. These tools being specialized, are also not always available from regular hire companies. These tools can now be hired from Concretewise.

Tools and Equipment available for Hire:

  • Walk behind Concrete Floor  Grinder and Polishers

  • Hand-Held Concrete Floor  Grinders and Polishers

  • Concrete Mixers

  • Vacuum

  • Concrete Hopper Gun

  • Compressors

  • Magic Trowels

  • Grinding Discs

  • Backing pads

  • Polishing Pads

  • Etc.

Hire Tools, by Concretewise