Interior Flooring Solutions

Suitable for residential, retail. schools, bar, restaurants, etc. An indoor floor application will always have a smooth finish. This is mainly for aesthetic, maintenance and cleaning purposes. Interior finishes can be done in a range of a colours, or acid stained. Rough textured finishes are not recommended for interior. Also look at polished concrete as an interior finish.

Natural Concrete Flooring and Concrete Countertops by Concretewise.

Micro-Crete Finish


This is a smooth finish, with a seamless floor finish being the trend. It is not limited to solid seamless finish but is can be designed to have any pattern you desire, such as a tile effect. Again the concrete is coloured and then applied, also achieving a mottled finish.

Micro-Crete Concrete Flooring with a Tan Concrete Acid Stain by Concretewise.

Concrete Floor Staining

Transforms a regular concrete surface or an overlay into an "old world" look using Chem-Stain concrete acid stain

Mico-Crete Concrete Floor Finish, with a Tinted Concrete Sealer, by Concretewise.

Coloured Sealing

With a wide range of colours available, this will give you a mono-coloured finish. A coloured sealer can be applied onto a micro-finish overlay or a smooth regular concrete surfaces

Slate Trowel Concrete Floor Finish by Concretewise

Slate Trowel Overlay

A troweled finish where the applicator can create from a faint to an aggressive textured finish to meet the clients' requirements. Here the concrete can be coloured and then applied, achieved a mottled, textured finish.

Wooden Floor Refurbishment

We also refurbish old wood floors. If your house has secret wood flooring underneath your carpets, you no longer have to remove it. We sand, repair and re-seal the existing wood flooring and bring them back to their original glory.

Wooden Floor Repair and Restoration by Concretewise
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