Handcrafted Concrete Tombstones

Concretewise promotes the remembrance and honoring of family members and friends who have passed on and should not be forgotten. To honor, in death, those who have supported and been close to us during our lives is important, and placing a memorial stone is a sign of appreciation and respect. When details of a funeral may be forgotten, a memorial stone will be left to tell the story of a life lived.

In the new South Africa, being called the Rainbow Nation, describes a nation of many different cultures, wishing to express their own proud, colourful heritage. Because of the demand for alternative memorial stones, it was decided to manufacture these products and promote them through creating self-employed independent agents, thus allowing others to increase their income, either full-time or after hours, to meet financial demands and improve their, and their family's lives.

Handcrafted Tombstones, by Concretewise